What's Next?

It's been a long time since I've written another post. A lot of things have happened since then. I believe the last time I posted something on this blog, I was in the middle of my studies and I was in no mood of sharing anything to any medium or audience whatsoever. I was in a bit of a hectic situation and my focus was all over the place. But thankfully, now that things have settled down, I want to write a blog post that serves as an update and also as a sharing medium where I intend to put my plans for the future on the table for everyone to see. I'm not sure what I'm trying to achieve through doing that but I hope it could and would give you readers out there a tiny bit of something.
In terms of my current academic situation, well, there is none. I am now thankfully free of any academic situation. I've finished all my duties in high school and I as of the 13th of May I have officially graduated from High School. It's been a wild 3 years and I really feel so re…

Do you take notes in class?

Hi! It's been a hell of a long time, hasn't it? But here I am, finally back again. You know those people who make Blogs, writes on them, until they finally get either tired or bored or busy and their Blog gets deserted like the most quiet part of the Sahara? Well the first time I decided to make this Blog I was determined to not become that type of person. Anyway, I'm not really into a deep, philosophical talking right now. I'm in a more of a trivial mood if there even is such a thing. And in having this mood, a question just hatched at the top of my head.

Do you take notes in class? I mean seriously. Do you take notes when you're studying or do you make notes of what your teacher writes on tho front board? Because I do. But I never revisit my notes. I have a number of friends that like to take notes of everything that has been either spoken or written in class. Some of them even go to extensive methods when it comes to note-taking e.g. buying expensive stationery, …

My Not So Professional Take on Indonesia's Education System

So recently I just had this little realisation. I was about to call it an epiphany but I thought using that word would be a dramatisation, so for the moment let's just call it a minor realisation.
So I live in Indonesia which if you don't know already, is a developing country. We have so many things to be proud about like our astonishingly diverse culture and our unique culinary taste. But education isn't one of those things. Education is far from those things. Like our education sucks.
I don't exactly know the reason to that. I mean I haven't done a research or anything but I might have some ideas and hypotheses to the situation.
The human resource, the gap between islandsFirstly, I think the problem comes from the not-so-advanced framework of the whole education system itself. Indonesia comes 4th globally in terms of population. There's about 250 million of us. And yet, our education system doesn't have enough human resource to support the whole nation&#…

What I've Been Up To: Managing Pressure

I have not been blogging for years... I'm not sure whether that's actually a bad thing or a good thing because I'm not even sure as to whether there is even a single human being out there who would willingly take very valuable minutes of their precious lives just to read the bullshits that I post. Lol. But anyways, I haven't gave up on blogging. But the truth is just that it's actually very hard to find the time nowadays with my routine and stuff, and usually when you eventually get the time, you don't know what to write about. However, under the assumption that you, my dearest visitor, care about my posts (or lack thereof), worry not. Because at this very moment, I do have something that I'd like to write and hang up on my Blog. And what's more appropriate then sharing what I've been up to with you guys and also how I feel about them.      So as some of you might or might not know, currently I'm on the 2nd year of Senior High. Last year, I…

High School: Initial Thoughts

I haven't been blogging for like 2 months. And I apologise for that (even though I'm not quite sure whether I have any loyal readers out there). But anyway, let me update you about my current situation. So I graduated from middle school or junior high school or whatever (which is a good thing) and I graduated with relatively great grades (which is a very good). I then applied for the best high school in Yogyakarta (in terms of passing grade) and I eventually made it. I am incredibly grateful for that series of very fortunate events. But I can't help but feel a bit nervous and scared of what's to come.

Now I don't know how big of a fish I am. But what I know is that I chose to be in the big pond and I currently am in the big pond. Not only that, but I'm also in this pond with loads of other fishes. None of them seems to be friendly. There are threats that I might not perform well or that I might look like a complete idiot just because I chose to be among the geni…

Fear & The National Finals

Fear. That thrilling sensation triggered by your brain that goes down your spine and from there, it swarms every centimetre cubic and square of your flesh and skin. That unsettling feeling translated into a consistently rapid heartbeat. It's one of those set of letters that you definitely don't want engraved in your mind. It's that thing that you don't want infecting your thoughts and ideas. It is the very embodiment of "not good".

And those words above are probably an exaggeration. But let's be honest, some of it is definitely true and worth nodding your head towards.

Whilst I am writing this blog, I am feeling fear. It has little to do with the blogpost itself. But it has everything to do with the Junior High School's national finals that is to be conducted on Monday, nationwide throughout the whole Indonesian archipelago. And you might wonder, what's so frightening about an exam? I mean, towards a certain extent, and to some people, it is slightl…

Creating Contents and Getting it Out

Whether it's writing, typing, or making videos, getting stories out there into the public is a form of content creating. The stories in the form of words that you write or type and the videos that you film and produce will be seen by people and therefore your content would serve it's purpose. It could be an entertaining story, or something that has educational value, or anything. Content creating is very fun and it could "force" you to keep pushing your boundaries until you find new ones.

Personally, I am a big fan of content creating. Youtube videos, blog writings, news, all that sort of stuff. I think it's one of the easiest ways of sharing positivity to other people around the world (although there are definitely pricks out there who uses this opportunity to spread negativity and fear). As long as you're contents are intended to affect people positively, content creating and content sharing would have so many benefits not only to the creator, but also to th…